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Welcome to The Blockheads Wiki,
the comprehensive reference on The Blockheads, written and maintained by the players.

Official website Latest version: 1.6.3 (iOS) / (Android)
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About the Game
The Blockheads is a two-dimensional exploration, building, crafting, and survival sandbox game developed by Majic Jungle Software set in a massive, evolving, procedurally-generated world. The player controls avatars called blockheads that can destroy or create blocks, collect or craft material resources, or form exotic structures, while exploring an enriched world with equators, poles, weather, climate, seasons, oceans, mountain ranges, deserts, and vast underground cave networks using a wide range of resources. The Blockheads was first released on 10 January 2013 on Apple's App Store, and was approved on 21 December 2012. It was launched on Android on 9 October 2013. It is currently available to players for Free.
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Current Version
iOS Android
Version 1.6.3 (20 November 2017) (14 January 2016)
Size 84.5 MB 98.5 MB
Language English
Software iOS 8.0 or later Android 3.1 or higher
Hardware iPhone 3GS or later, iPod touch 3rd gen or later, and iPad Compatible devices
Popular and Useful Pages
Detailed information on the various blocks in The Blockheads
ApplesCarrotsCherriesChilliCoconutsCoffee CherryCornDodo EggsDodo MeatFishFlax SeedKelpLimesMangoesOrangesPrickly PearsSunflower SeedWorm
Sunrise Hat Of FullnessSunset Skirt Of HappinessSouth Pole Boots Of SpeedNorth Pole Hat Of WarmthTin Foil Hat
Crafting Surfaces
Armor BenchCampfireCraft BenchDye BenchEaselElectric FurnaceElectric KilnElectric Metalwork BenchElectric StoveFurnaceKilnMetalwork BenchMixing BenchPortalPressBuilder's BenchTailor's BenchTool BenchTrain YardWoodwork BenchWorkbench
Detailed information on the pigments crafted at the press.
Detailed information on the various items in the game.
Updates, news and events
Game Updates
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Current events
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