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A blockhead at the center of the world

The center of the world is a special region of all worlds in The Blockheads.


The center of the world causes blockheads to emit smoke

The center of the world is composed of magma and glows with reddish light. It is covered by many layers of stone and various ores. The core is extremely hot, and causes damage to blockheads as well as making them emit smoke. As armor takes damage whenever the wearing blockhead is hurt, armor will be damaged quickly near the core.

If a blockhead's health gets too low, a blockhead may die. Ice armor and ice torches can also cool a blockhead down.

Where Found[edit]

As the name implies, the center of the world lies deep underground. While there may be an open passage that reaches it, a blockhead must usually be tasked with digging its way there.


Reaching the center of the world earns a player the achievement "Hot Stuff."

As the most certain location for finding magma, the center of the world enables the creation of basalt. This is done by emptying a water bucket over the magma, which will instantly turn into basalt on contact with the magma.

Cave trolls are also often found near the center of the world.


The center of a circular or spherical world the size of those in The Blockheads would typically be well below the surface of the displayed magma.