Coconut Tree

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Coconut (palm) tree

Coconut trees or palm trees are distinctly shaped plants native to tropical regions.


Appearance over the seasons

Coconut trees have mottled light brown trunks with light green stringy foliage at the top. They are currently the tallest tree in the game.

Unlike other trees, coconut trees never have any part of their trunk overlaid by their foliage.

Where Found[edit]

Along tropical, temperate or equatorial areas.


Coconuts will spawn at the topmost block of foliage in early winter, late spring, and summer. Sometimes multiple coconuts will grow on one block; this is more common on larger trees. If the tree grows after spawning coconuts, the coconuts will remain in place and seem to have spawned below the tree's top.

Sticks can be harvested from the foliage. Wood can be harvested from the trunk.

Placing a coconut in a topmost block of dirt, compost, or sand will spawn a small coconut tree. It will need to grow before it begins producing coconuts.

In a cold area, a coconut tree will despawn when there is a layer of snow.