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Crowbar Icon.pngCrowbar HD Icon.png

Category Tool
Use Rail
Stackable Yes (99)
"Easily remove rail."

A crowbar is a tool that is used to remove placed rails.

Where Found[edit]

A level 5 tool bench or a train yard can be used to craft two steel ingots into a crowbar.

Location Input Item 1 Input Item 2 Input Item 3 Input Item 4 Crafted Output
Tool Bench 5 Icon.pngTrain Yard Icon.png Steel Ingot Icon.png + + + = Crowbar Icon.png
Lvl. 5 Tool Bench or Train Yard Steel Ingot [[]] [[]] [[]] Crowbar
Quantity 2 {{{Qty2}}} {{{Qty3}}} {{{Qty4}}} 1
Rush Cost
8 TC
4 TC


Applying a crowbar to an already placed section of rail will cause the rail to lift away and be sent to the acting Blockhead's inventory. Rail can also be removed by destroying all of its supporting blocks. A crowbar can be used for an unlimited time to remove rail, as a duration bar will not appear. If used on anything else, it will show a duration bar.