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A blockhead regenerating

Death is when a blockhead dies. It was introduced in version 1.5.

Death will occur if a blockhead's death bar runs out completely, which can only occur if its health bar has completely depleted first. To avoid death, a blockhead must restore its health, such as by eating food. When a blockhead dies, it will drop between zero and five items. This may include a basket with its contents. The remainder of the blockhead's inventory will be retained and kept through regeneration.

Causes of death can be any event that can cause a blockhead to lose health, including but not limited to cold temperatures, drowning, or dropbear attacks.


After death, a blockhead will start regenerating. When a blockhead is regenerating, it will show the blockhead spinning with its head slightly tilted upwards at the location it died while a portal-like music plays when the display is scrolled near it. Items in the inventory can still be dropped manually. A blockhead can be permanently killed at this point by tapping the "R.I.P." button, and if chosen, all items will be dropped. Otherwise, the player can wait about 10 minutes for the blockhead to regenerate completely and teleport to that world's original spawn portal. The wait can be rushed for up to 100 time crystals as well.


The first time a player has a blockhead regenerate after dying, they will earn the achievement "Resurrection".

If the player's only blockhead in a world dies permanently, the player can warp in another blockhead with the only cost being losing the previous blockhead. This method allows players to farm baskets, fruit, and flint spades.