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Death Bar (2)

A blockhead's death bar shows how close a blockhead is to death. It was added alongside death in version 1.5.

Where Located[edit]

It is located to the right of the health bar beside the character status window for the associated blockhead.

Normally not displayed, the death bar appears only when a blockhead has ran out of health and is nearing death. It has a skull next to it.


When a blockhead is hurt and is out of of health, the damage will be taken instead from the death bar. The death bar will only show when the health bar is completely empty. When the death bar is completely empty, a blockhead will die. After the blockhead dies, it will start to regenerate.

While decreasing, the death bar will change from black to red beginning at the far end from the skull icon and progressing toward it. A "jungle drums" tune will also play if the dying blockhead is selected.


The death bar will fill completely and disappear if a blockhead heals, by eating food or in any other way.