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Dodo bird

Dodo birds are passive creatures found throughout a blockhead's world. They are a source of several items used as food as well as items that are used in the crafting process.


Dodos are short, flightless birds. Their bodies are red with a splash of purple towards the back. They have blue heads and feet, as well as long beaks shading from light near the head to black at the tip.

Where Found[edit]

Dodos randomly appear near apple trees or hatch from placed dodo eggs and can be found in nearly all temperate biome regions, especially in areas with an abundance of apple trees.


It is possible to deliberately generate dodos in a selected area by planting apple trees and placing dodo eggs there.


Dodo birds are typically solitary animals but may have presocial behavior when other dodo birds are in the area. They can be found walking or pecking the ground. Like most creatures, they cannot climb a two-block change in height. They occasionally squawk when a blockhead is in the vicinity and when provoked or attacked will attempt to flee from a blockhead.


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A dodo bird is not a hardy creature, usually falling within a few hits from a particular weapon or tool. Whether dying on its own or killed, a dying dodo makes a distinctive "squawk" sound and drops items.

Dodos will die from old age. This may happen sooner if no living apple trees are nearby.

Dodos are not affected by heat or cold, but can drown if submerged in water.


Dodos are a source of three things:

  • Dodo Eggs - Randomly dropped by a dodo bird when provoked, frightened, or at random intervals.
  • Dodo Meat - Randomly dropped by a dodo bird when it dies.
  • Dodo Feathers - Randomly dropped by a dodo bird when it dies.

When killed, a dodo will drop one or more feathers and pieces of meat.


Dodos are based on a real bird of the same name that was discovered on an island off of Africa and went extinct in the 17th century.