Dodo Egg

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Dodo Egg
Dodo Egg

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Category Food
Use Food
Stackable Yes (99)

A dodo egg is a renewable food item that is randomly left behind by a dodo bird.


Dodo eggs are large and oval in appearance with a light blue shell with a wavy pattern or darker areas.

Where Found[edit]

Dodo eggs are randomly dropped by dodos, usually nearby apple trees. They may drop an egg if provoked, frightened, or at random intervals. A dodo laying an egg makes a distinctive musical "plop" sound.

While dodo eggs set on the ground like other dropped items, they do not appear to move and cannot be picked up by passing them. They must be specifically tapped and harvested.


Dodo eggs are edible. When consumed, it restores some health and hunger to a blockhead.

If left alone on the ground, a dodo egg will hatch into a dodo within a couple of days. Dodo eggs in a blockhead's inventory, in a container, or dropped on the ground as an item will not hatch. If placed, they will hatch, even indoors or underground. It is possible to do dodo farming this way.

Dodo eggs are one of the items that may be required (in a quantity of five) to warp in additional blockheads.