Electric Stove

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Electric Stove
Electric Stove

Electric Stove Icon.pngElectric Stove HD Icon.png

Category Crafting Surface
Use Crafting
Stackable Yes (99)
"Cook up a storm."

The Electric Stove is a faster, more efficient, and safer upgrade to the campfire.

Where Found[edit]

An electric stove can be created at a level 4 workbench for one steel block, one iron pot, and ten copper wire. Like all electric items, electric stoves have no upgrade.

Location Input Item 1 Input Item 2 Input Item 3 Input Item 4 Crafted Output
Workbench 4 Icon.png Steel Block Icon.png + Iron Pot Icon.png + Copper Wire Icon.png + = Electric Stove Icon.png
Lvl. 4 Workbench Steel Block Iron Pot Copper Wire [[]] Electric Stove
Quantity 1 1 10 {{{Qty4}}} 1
Rush Cost
16 TC
8 TC


The following items can be created using an electric stove:

Icon Name Slogan Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Item 4 Rush Cost Double-Time
Dodo Meat Cooked Dodo Meat A more satisfying meal. 1 x Dodo Meat 2 TC 1 TC
Fish (food) Cooked Fish Tastier cooked. 1 x Fish (food) 1 x Tin Foil 2 TC 1 TC
Roasted Coffee Bean Roasted Coffee Bean Brew for energy. 1 x Green Coffee Bean 6 TC 3 TC
Coffee Coffee Sleep is for the weak. 1 x Cup 1 x Bucket Of Water 1 x Roasted Coffee Bean 6 TC 3 TC
Fish Curry Fish Curry Spiced fishy goodness. 1 x Iron Pot 1 x Raw Fish 1 x Chilli 1 x Coconut 6 TC 3 TC
Dodo Stew Dodo Stew A cause for extinction. 1 x Iron Pot 1 x Raw Dodo Meat 1 x Carrot 1 x Corn 6 TC 3 TC


See also: Crafting

An electric stove requires a source of electricity to be used.


Unlike campfires, an electric stove cannot produce either torches or embers. It also cannot set fire to nearby wood or other flammable items.