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Update - Tuesday May 27, 2014[edit]


  • New cloud based server hosting
  • New improved interface for joining multiplayer worlds, including iCloud sync for recently joined servers
  • Trade portals now display trend indicators and 24 hour graphs
  • Adds ability to mute players in multiplayer chat, which also hides that player’s paintings and avatar
  • Adds buttons for mods and admins to kick and ban easily in multiplayer
  • New support for disabling PVP (Player vs. player) on multiplayer servers
  • New support for password protecting servers
  • New support for a custom welcome message when joining a server
  • When you don’t have enough time crystals to complete an action, it now tells you how many more you need
  • Admins and mods are now displayed in a different color on buttons and text
  • Admins can now see a combination of all revealed areas of the map for all players
  • Banned players paintings are now removed
  • New buttons to get free crystals while crafting

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • Fixes bug where blockheads could end up repeatedly dying from overheating
  • Fixes issue where paintings could appear higher resolution than they should
  • Fixes issue where players could pick up elevator shafts or motors that did not belong to them.
  • Fixes crashing bugs
  • Fixes issue where the sides and top of the front layer of glass blocks could often be rendered opaque
  • Fixes issue where steam trains could be removed by anyone
  • Fixes issue where station names didn’t show up when a steam locomotive is tapped
  • Painted objects now show up the correct color when removed and in your inventory or dropped and floating
  • Now all owned floating objects won’t despawn, e.g. paintings that drop as a result of the back wall being removed will no longer despawn.
  • Reduces memory usage and improves performance, particularly reducing lag in multiplayer.
  • Fixes bugs where items could get lost when disconnecting from a server
  • Fixes bug that could cause electricity, steam generators and elevators to stop working.
  • Fixes stairs achievement
  • Fixes item dupe bugs
  • Fixes bug where freezing water then mining the ice would make any objects (e.g. safes) that were frozen within disappear
  • Fixes bug where sharks could multiply too quickly
  • Fixes bug where some players couldn’t remove blocks containing windows