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Update - Tuesday December 1, 2015[edit]

  • CUSTOM RULES UPDATE! You wanted creative mode? Well this is better! You now have the power to configure the way your world works, from super easy infinite health and everything free at trade portals, to instant-death in a red desert wasteland.
  • To keep things fair, if you choose to enable custom rules then you can't craft or use portal chests, there are no time crystal blocks to mine, and trades at trade portals do not influence the global economy. However, in your custom rules single player world, or as a server owner/admin you get a large number of customizations, both in how your world is generated, and in the game rules that apply to everyone in your world.
  • You can make everything at trade portals free, or disable them entirely. You can stop clothing from decaying, you can make the world protected, like it is covered by one giant ownership sign. You can speed up time, change the color of the sun, make blockheads always happy, or sad, hungrier or full, healthy or weak. You can even configure what new blockheads will spawn with, and make them die when a player exits the world, amongst many other options.
  • You can either create a new custom rules world, or migrate your existing worlds. So get started on your custom rules world today!


  • Bug fixes

Android exclusive[edit]

  • Fixes for single player freezing issues and to get non-loading worlds working again!
  • Many more small fixes and changes!