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Gems are precious items of five types with increasing rarity.

Types of Gems[edit]

Amethyst Icon.png Amethyst
Sapphire Icon.png Sapphire
Emerald Icon.png Emerald
Ruby Icon.png Ruby
Diamond Icon.png Diamond

Where Found[edit]

They can be found in caves, obtained from meditation, or purchased at a trade portal of an appropriate level. As of version 1.6, they can also be harvested from gem trees on a floating islands.


See specific gem types for details.

Gems placed on a back wall or spawned in a cave will generate light particular to their type. Diamonds emit the most light compared to other gems.

They can be used to upgrade portals and trade portals. Like most items, gems can be bought and sold at a trade portal.

Gems can be used to make gem pickaxes that aid in mining. Gem-based chandeliers provide considerable light.

Emeralds can be converted into dye.


All gems play a note when collected, ranging from low to high corresponding to their rarity. Each gem will also give an associated achievement when first obtained.


In real life, there are many types of gems. Examples include: Opal, Tiger's Eye, and Malachite.

Technically, lapis lazuli is considered as a gemstone.