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Ingots are crafted items, most of which are obtained through the smelting process of ores at a furnace or an electric furnace. Most ingots have a large variety of uses, including being used to craft metal blocks and tools.

Types of Ingots[edit]

Copper Ingot Icon.png Copper Ingot
Tin Ingot Icon.png Tin Ingot
Bronze Ingot Icon.png Bronze Ingot
Iron Ingot Icon.png Iron Ingot
Titanium Ingot Icon.png Titanium Ingot
Pig Iron Icon.png Pig Iron
Steel Ingot Icon.png Steel Ingot
Gold Ingot Icon.png Gold Ingot
Silicon Ingot Icon.png Silicon Ingot
Platinum Ingot Icon.png Platinum Ingot

Metal blocks can also be crafted from 5 ingots (with the exception of the silicon ingot and pig iron).

These blocks will also conduct electricity as a substitute for copper wire but is not recommended as it is very resource-heavy.