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An item is an object that is stored in a blockhead's inventory in The Blockheads. Some items appear naturally in the game and others are crafted by a blockhead at a crafting surface.

Items can be destroyed by dropping them on magma or dragging them out of the blockhead's inventory and waiting for them to disappear within a couple of in-game days. They should be placed where a blockhead is not likely to pass through in that time so they aren't automatically picked up again. Items such as chests and safes will not despawn if dropped in a single-player world, but may in a server. An object may also drop if it loses it's support, such as a torch dropping in contact with water.

Some items are able to be generated by various methods such as farming or meditating. Others are of finite supply in a world, but each world is a rather large place, and with the addition of portal chests in version 1.4, items may be brought in from other worlds as well. Most items can also be bought from a trade portal, which was introduced in version 1.5.

Icon HD Name Type Description
Amethyst Icon.png Amethyst HD Icon.png Amethyst Gem
Amethyst Chandelier Icon.png Amethyst Chandelier HD Icon.png Amethyst Chandelier Light Source Purple haze.
Pickaxe Amethyst Icon.png Pickaxe Amethyst HD Icon.png Amethyst Pickaxe Tool Get double from mining!
Apple Icon.png Apple HD Icon.png Apple Food (Fruit)
Armor Bench 1 Icon.png Armor Bench 1 HD Icon.png Armor Bench Crafting Surface Craft armor for protection.
Basalt Icon.png Basalt HD Icon.png Basalt Block (Crafting)
Basalt Column Icon.png Basalt Column HD Icon.png Basalt Column Column For grand designs.
Basalt Stairs Icon.png Basalt Stairs HD Icon.png Basalt Stairs Stairs An easier path.
Basic Torch Icon.png Basic Torch HD Icon.png Basic Torch Light Source Light your night.
Basket Icon.png Basket HD Icon.png Basket Container Carry more stuff.
Black Glass Icon.png Black Glass HD Icon.png Black Glass Block (Crafting) For decoration.
Black Glass Column Icon.png Black Glass Column HD Icon.png Black Glass Column Column For grand designs.
Black Glass Stairs Icon.png Black Glass Stairs HD Icon.png Black Glass Stairs Stairs An easier path.
Black Sand Icon.png Black Sand HD Icon.png Black Sand Block (Crafting) Dark glass & magnets.
Black Window Icon.png Black Window HD Icon.png Black Window Other A tinted look.
Blockhead Icon.png Blockhead HD Icon.png Blockhead Other Warp in up to 5 blockheads!
Boat Icon.png Boat HD Icon.png Boat Other Sail the seas.
Brick Column Icon.png Brick Column HD Icon.png Brick Column Column For grand designs.
Brick Stairs Icon.png Brick Stairs HD Icon.png Brick Stairs Stairs An easier path.
Bronze Block Icon.png Bronze Block HD Icon.png Bronze Block Block (Crafting) Hard to mine through.
Bronze Column Icon.png Bronze Column HD Icon.png Bronze Column Column For grand designs.
Bronze Ingot Icon.png Bronze Ingot HD Icon.png Bronze Ingot Ingot Craft with bronze.
Machete Bronze Icon.png Machete Bronze HD Icon.png Bronze Machete Tool Clear bush even faster.
Pickaxe Bronze Icon.png Pickaxe Bronze HD Icon.png Bronze Pickaxe Tool Mine faster than stone.
Bronze Stairs Icon.png Bronze Stairs HD Icon.png Bronze Stairs Stairs An easier path.
Sword Bronze Icon.png Sword Bronze HD Icon.png Bronze Sword Tool (Weapon) Dodo destroyer.
Bucket Of Water Icon.png Bucket Of Water HD Icon.png Bucket Of Water Other
Builder's Bench 1 Icon.png Builder's Bench 1 HD Icon.png Builder's Bench Crafting Surface Craft columns and stairs.
Camera Icon.png Camera HD Icon.png Camera Other Take and share photos.
Campfire Icon.png Campfire HD Icon.png Campfire Crafting Surface For crafting with fire.
Carbon Black Icon.png Carbon Black HD Icon.png Carbon Black Pigment Darken your surrounds.
Carbon Fiber Block Icon.png Carbon Fiber Block HD Icon.png Carbon Fiber Block Block (Construction) As strong as titanium.
Carbon Fiber Boots Icon.png Carbon Fiber Boots HD Icon.png Carbon Fiber Boots Armor Dark and strong.
Carbon Fiber Chest Plate Icon.png Carbon Fiber Chest Plate HD Icon.png Carbon Fiber Chest Plate Armor Dark and strong.
Carbon Fiber Column Icon.png Carbon Fiber Column HD Icon.png Carbon Fiber Column Column For grand designs.
Carbon Fiber Helmet Icon.png Carbon Fiber Helmet HD Icon.png Carbon Fiber Helmet Armor Dark and strong.
Carbon Fiber Leggings Icon.png Carbon Fiber Leggings HD Icon.png Carbon Fiber Leggings Armor Dark and strong.
Carbon Fiber Sheet Icon.png Carbon Fiber Sheet HD Icon.png Carbon Fiber Sheet Other Great for wings.
Carbon Fiber Stairs Icon.png Carbon Fiber Stairs HD Icon.png Carbon Fiber Stairs Stairs An easier path.
Carbon Fiber Wing Icon.png Carbon Fiber Wing HD Icon.png Carbon Fiber Wing Other Flight!
Carbon Fibers Icon.png Carbon Fibers HD Icon.png Carbon Fibers Other Make into sheets with epoxy.
Carrot Icon.png Carrot HD Icon.png Carrot Food (Vegetable)
Carrot On A Stick Icon.png Carrot On A Stick HD Icon.png Carrot On A Stick Other Donkeys love carrots.
Charcoal Icon.png Charcoal HD Icon.png Charcoal Other For furnaces.
Cherry Icon.png Cherry HD Icon.png Cherry Food (Fruit)
Chest Icon.png Chest HD Icon.png Chest Container Store things.
Chilli Icon.png Chilli HD Icon.png Chilli Food (Vegetable)
Clay Icon.png Clay HD Icon.png Clay Other For pottery.
Coal Icon.png Coal HD Icon.png Coal Ore No coal? No problem!
Coconut Icon.png Coconut HD Icon.png Coconut Food (Fruit)
Coffee Icon.png Coffee HD Icon.png Coffee Food Sleep is for the weak.
Coffee Cherry Icon.png Coffee Cherry HD Icon.png Coffee Cherry Food (Fruit)
Compost Icon.png Compost HD Icon.png Compost Block (Construction) Plants & trees grow better.
Compost Bin Icon.png Compost Bin HD Icon.png Compost Bin Crafting Surface Make compost.
Cooked Dodo Meat Icon.png Cooked Dodo Meat HD Icon.png Cooked Dodo Meat Food A more satisfying meal.
Cooked Fish Icon.png Cooked Fish HD Icon.png Cooked Fish Food Tastier cooked.
Copper Block Icon.png Copper Block HD Icon.png Copper Block Block (Crafting) Rustic charm.
Copper Blue Icon.png Copper Blue HD Icon.png Copper Blue Pigment A cheerful blue.
Copper Boiler Icon.png Copper Boiler HD Icon.png Copper Boiler Electric For the steam engine.
Copper Bow & Arrows Icon.png Copper Bow & Arrows HD Icon.png Copper Bow & Arrows Tool (Weapon) Ranged weapon.
Copper Coin Icon.png Copper Coin HD Icon.png Copper Coin Currency For trading.
Copper Column Icon.png Copper Column HD Icon.png Copper Column Column For grand designs.
Copper Ingot Icon.png Copper Ingot HD Icon.png Copper Ingot Ingot Craft with copper.
Copper Ore Icon.png Copper Ore HD Icon.png Copper Ore Ore Warp in some copper.
Copper Stairs Icon.png Copper Stairs HD Icon.png Copper Stairs Stairs An easier path.
Copper Wire Icon.png Copper Wire HD Icon.png Copper Wire Electric Transmits electrical current.
Corn Icon.png Corn HD Icon.png Corn Food (Vegetable)
Craft Bench 1 Icon.png Craft Bench 1 HD Icon.png Craft Bench Crafting Surface Craft baskets and more.
Crowbar Icon.png Crowbar HD Icon.png Crowbar Tool Easily remove rail.
Crushed Limestone Icon.png Crushed Limestone HD Icon.png Crushed Limestone Other Used to make pig iron.
Cup Icon.png Cup HD Icon.png Cup Other For hot drinks.
Diamond Icon.png Diamond HD Icon.png Diamond Gem
Diamond Chandelier Icon.png Diamond Chandelier HD Icon.png Diamond Chandelier Light Source The pinnacle of light.
Pickaxe Diamond Icon.png Pickaxe Diamond HD Icon.png Diamond Pickaxe Tool Get 6x from mining!
Dirt Icon.png Dirt HD Icon.png Dirt Block (Crafting)
Display Cabinet Icon.png Display Cabinet HD Icon.png Display Cabinet Container Display things securely.
Dodo Egg Icon.png Dodo Egg HD Icon.png Dodo Egg Food
Dodo Feather Icon.png Dodo Feather HD Icon.png Dodo Feather Other
Dodo Stew Icon.png Dodo Stew HD Icon.png Dodo Stew Food A cause for extinction.
Double-Time Icon.png Double-Time HD Icon.png Double-Time Other Permanently doubles craft speed and
halves rush cost for all worlds.
Dye Bench Icon.png Dye Bench HD Icon.png Dye Bench Crafting Surface Dye clothes.
Fur Boots Dyed Icon.png Fur Boots Dyed HD Icon.png Dyed Fur Boots Clothing Walk fast in snow.
Fur Coat Dyed Icon.png Fur Coat Dyed HD Icon.png Dyed Fur Coat Clothing Warms you up.
Golden Bed Dyed Icon.png Golden Bed Dyed HD Icon.png Dyed Golden Bed Bed Be rested in no time.
Leather Boots Dyed Icon.png Leather Boots Dyed HD Icon.png Dyed Leather Boots Clothing Run faster.
Leather Jacket Dyed Icon.png Leather Jacket Dyed HD Icon.png Dyed Leather Jacket Clothing Keeps you dry in rain.
Leather Pants Dyed Icon.png Leather Pants Dyed HD Icon.png Dyed Leather Pants Clothing Pants upgrade.
Linen Brimmed Hat Dyed Icon.png Linen Brimmed Hat Dyed HD Icon.png Dyed Linen Brimmed Hat Clothing Shade from the sun.
Linen Cap Dyed Icon.png Linen Cap Dyed HD Icon.png Dyed Linen Cap Clothing Styley.
Linen Pants Dyed Icon.png Linen Pants Dyed HD Icon.png Dyed Linen Pants Clothing Protect your legs.
Linen Shirt Dyed Icon.png Linen Shirt Dyed HD Icon.png Dyed Linen Shirt Clothing Hide from sun or snow.
Soft Bed Dyed Icon.png Soft Bed Dyed HD Icon.png Dyed Soft Bed Bed For a better night's sleep.
Easel Icon.png Easel HD Icon.png Easel Crafting Surface Paint works of art.
Electric Elevator Motor Icon.png Electric Elevator Motor HD Icon.png Electric Elevator Motor Electric Place above or below shaft.
Electric Furnace Icon.png Electric Furnace HD Icon.png Electric Furnace Crafting Surface Better furnace, craft silicon.
Electric Kiln Icon.png Electric Kiln HD Icon.png Electric Kiln Crafting Surface A better faster kiln.
Electric Metalwork Bench Icon.png Electric Metalwork Bench HD Icon.png Electric Metalwork Bench Crafting Surface Cutting edge.
Electric Motor Icon.png Electric Motor HD Icon.png Electric Motor Electric Electricity driven motion.
Electric Press Icon.png Electric Press HD Icon.png Electric Press Crafting Surface Faster, and crushes stone.
Electric Sluice Icon.png Electric Sluice HD Icon.png Electric Sluice Crafting Surface Find ores in gravel.
Electric Stove Icon.png Electric Stove HD Icon.png Electric Stove Crafting Surface Cook up a storm.
Elevator Shaft Icon.png Elevator Shaft HD Icon.png Elevator Shaft Electric Speed up and down.
Ember Icon.png Ember HD Icon.png Ember Other Be careful, now.
Emerald Icon.png Emerald HD Icon.png Emerald Gem
Emerald Chandelier Icon.png Emerald Chandelier HD Icon.png Emerald Chandelier Light Source For your green room.
Emerald Green Icon.png Emerald Green HD Icon.png Emerald Green Pigment An intense green.
Pickaxe Emerald Icon.png Pickaxe Emerald HD Icon.png Emerald Pickaxe Tool Get 4x from mining!
Epoxy Icon.png Epoxy HD Icon.png Epoxy Other A hard resin.
Fish Bucket Icon.png Fish Bucket HD Icon.png Fish Bucket Other
Fish Curry Icon.png Fish Curry HD Icon.png Fish Curry Food Spiced fishy goodness.
Fishing Rod Icon.png Fishing Rod HD Icon.png Fishing Rod Other Catch fish with ease.
Flax Icon.png Flax HD Icon.png Flax Other
Flax Seed Icon.png Flax Seed HD Icon.png Flax Seed Food (Seed)
Flint Icon.png Flint HD Icon.png Flint Other
Flint Axe Icon.png Flint Axe HD Icon.png Flint Axe Tool Chop down trees.
Flint Machete Icon.png Flint Machete HD Icon.png Flint Machete Tool For plants and branches.
Flint Pickaxe Icon.png Flint Pickaxe HD Icon.png Flint Pickaxe Tool Mine rock and ore.
Flint Spade Icon.png Flint Spade HD Icon.png Flint Spade Tool Dig faster.
Flint Spear Icon.png Flint Spear HD Icon.png Flint Spear Tool (Weapon) Feeling stabby?
Flywheel Icon.png Flywheel HD Icon.png Flywheel Electric Stores electricity.
Freight Car Icon.png Freight Car HD Icon.png Freight Car Rail Transport items via rail.
Fuel Icon.png Fuel HD Icon.png Fuel Other For jetpacks!
Fur Icon.png Fur HD Icon.png Fur Other
Fur Boots Icon.png Fur Boots HD Icon.png Fur Boots Clothing Walk fast in snow.
Fur Coat Icon.png Fur Coat HD Icon.png Fur Coat Clothing Warms you up.
Furnace 1 Icon.png Furnace 1 HD Icon.png Furnace Crafting Surface Ingots!
Glass Icon.png Glass HD Icon.png Glass Block (Crafting) For windows and cameras.
Glass Column Icon.png Glass Column HD Icon.png Glass Column Column For grand designs.
Glass Stairs Icon.png Glass Stairs HD Icon.png Glass Stairs Stairs An easier path.
Gold Block Icon.png Gold Block HD Icon.png Gold Block Block (Crafting) For that golden palace.
Gold Bow & Poison Arrows Icon.png Gold Bow & Poison Arrows HD Icon.png Gold Bow & Poison Arrows Tool (Weapon) Damaging ranged weapon.
Gold Coin Icon.png Gold Coin HD Icon.png Gold Coin Currency Worth 100 copper coins.
Gold Column Icon.png Gold Column HD Icon.png Gold Column Column For grand designs.
Gold Ingot Icon.png Gold Ingot HD Icon.png Gold Ingot Ingot Bling!
Gold Nugget Icon.png Gold Nugget HD Icon.png Gold Nugget Ore No need to dig too deep.
Pickaxe Gold Icon.png Pickaxe Gold HD Icon.png Gold Pickaxe Tool Mine for bonus items.
Spade Gold Icon.png Spade Gold HD Icon.png Gold Spade Tool Dig for bonus items.
Gold Stairs Icon.png Gold Stairs HD Icon.png Gold Stairs Stairs An easier path.
Golden Bed Icon.png Golden Bed HD Icon.png Golden Bed Bed Be rested in no time.
Golden Chest Icon.png Golden Chest HD Icon.png Golden Chest Container
Gravel Icon.png Gravel HD Icon.png Gravel Block (Crafting) Can be sluiced for ores.
Green Coffee Bean Icon.png Green Coffee Bean HD Icon.png Green Coffee Bean Other Roast to make coffee.
Ice Icon.png Ice HD Icon.png Ice Block (Crafting)
Ice Armor Leggings Icon.png Ice Armor Leggings HD Icon.png Ice Armor Leggings Armor
Ice Boots Icon.png Ice Boots HD Icon.png Ice Boots Armor
Ice Chest Plate Icon.png Ice Chest Plate HD Icon.png Ice Chest Plate Armor
Ice Column Icon.png Ice Column HD Icon.png Ice Column Column For grand designs.
Ice Helmet Icon.png Ice Helmet HD Icon.png Ice Helmet Armor
Ice Stairs Icon.png Ice Stairs HD Icon.png Ice Stairs Stairs An easier path.
Ice Torch Icon.png Ice Torch HD Icon.png Ice Torch Light Source
Indian Yellow Icon.png Indian Yellow HD Icon.png Indian Yellow Pigment Mood brightener.
Iron Armor Leggings Icon.png Iron Armor Leggings HD Icon.png Iron Armor Leggings Armor Highly defensive pants.
Axe Iron Icon.png Axe Iron HD Icon.png Iron Axe Tool Tree? What tree?
Iron Block Icon.png Iron Block HD Icon.png Iron Block Block (Crafting) Harder to mine through.
Iron Boots Icon.png Iron Boots HD Icon.png Iron Boots Armor Stomp with conviction.
Iron Chest Plate Icon.png Iron Chest Plate HD Icon.png Iron Chest Plate Armor Fit for a knight.
Iron Column Icon.png Iron Column HD Icon.png Iron Column Column For grand designs.
Iron Door Icon.png Iron Door HD Icon.png Iron Door Block (Construction) Keep other players out.
Iron Helmet Icon.png Iron Helmet HD Icon.png Iron Helmet Armor Sword resistant.
Iron Ingot Icon.png Iron Ingot HD Icon.png Iron Ingot Ingot Craft with iron.
Machete Iron Icon.png Machete Iron HD Icon.png Iron Machete Tool Plant matter splatter.
Iron Ore Icon.png Iron Ore HD Icon.png Iron Ore Ore Iron without the mess.
Pickaxe Iron Icon.png Pickaxe Iron HD Icon.png Iron Pickaxe Tool Mine better, faster.
Iron Pot Icon.png Iron Pot HD Icon.png Iron Pot Other For stove cooking.
Iron Stairs Icon.png Iron Stairs HD Icon.png Iron Stairs Stairs An easier path.
Sword Iron Icon.png Sword Iron HD Icon.png Iron Sword Tool (Weapon) A sharper sword.
Iron Trapdoor Icon.png Iron Trapdoor HD Icon.png Iron Trapdoor Block (Construction) Keep other players out.
Jet Engine Icon.png Jet Engine HD Icon.png Jet Engine Other Really blows.
Jetpack Icon.png Jetpack HD Icon.png Jetpack Clothing Soar the skies.
Jetpack Chassis Icon.png Jetpack Chassis HD Icon.png Jetpack Chassis Other Nearly there.
Kelp Icon.png Kelp HD Icon.png Kelp Food
Kiln Icon.png Kiln HD Icon.png Kiln Crafting Surface Charcoal and pottery.
Ladder Icon.png Ladder HD Icon.png Ladder Other Climb faster.
Lapis Lazuli Icon.png Lapis Lazuli HD Icon.png Lapis Lazuli Block (Crafting)
Lapis Lazuli Column Icon.png Lapis Lazuli Column HD Icon.png Lapis Lazuli Column Column For grand designs.
Lapis Lazuli Stairs Icon.png Lapis Lazuli Stairs HD Icon.png Lapis Lazuli Stairs Stairs An easier path.
Large Landscape Painting Icon.png Large Landscape Painting HD Icon.png Large Landscape Painting Painting Decorate your home.
Large Portrait Painting Icon.png Large Portrait Painting HD Icon.png Large Portrait Painting Painting Decorate your home.
Large Square Painting Icon.png Large Square Painting HD Icon.png Large Square Painting Painting Decorate your home.
Leather Icon.png Leather HD Icon.png Leather Other
Leather Boots Icon.png Leather Boots HD Icon.png Leather Boots Clothing Run faster.
Leather Jacket Icon.png Leather Jacket HD Icon.png Leather Jacket Clothing Keeps you dry in rain.
Leather Pants Icon.png Leather Pants HD Icon.png Leather Pants Clothing Pants upgrade.
Lime Icon.png Lime HD Icon.png Lime Food (Fruit)
Limestone Icon.png Limestone HD Icon.png Limestone Block (Crafting)
Limestone Column Icon.png Limestone Column HD Icon.png Limestone Column Column For grand designs.
Limestone Stairs Icon.png Limestone Stairs HD Icon.png Limestone Stairs Stairs An easier path.
Linen Icon.png Linen HD Icon.png Linen Other For clothing.
Linen Brimmed Hat Icon.png Linen Brimmed Hat HD Icon.png Linen Brimmed Hat Clothing Shade from the sun.
Linen Cap Icon.png Linen Cap HD Icon.png Linen Cap Clothing Styley.
Linen Pants Icon.png Linen Pants HD Icon.png Linen Pants Clothing Protect your legs.
Linen Shirt Icon.png Linen Shirt HD Icon.png Linen Shirt Clothing Hide from sun or snow.
Magnet Icon.png Magnet HD Icon.png Magnet Other Highly attractive.
Mango Icon.png Mango HD Icon.png Mango Food (Fruit)
Maple Seed Icon.png Maple Seed HD Icon.png Maple Seed Food (Seed)
Marble Icon.png Marble HD Icon.png Marble Block (Crafting)
Marble Column Icon.png Marble Column HD Icon.png Marble Column Column For grand designs.
Marble Stairs Icon.png Marble Stairs HD Icon.png Marble Stairs Stairs An easier path.
Marble White Icon.png Marble White HD Icon.png Marble White Pigment For white paint or dye.
Med Landscape Painting Icon.png Med Landscape Painting HD Icon.png Med Landscape Painting Painting Decorate your home.
Med Portrait Painting Icon.png Med Portrait Painting HD Icon.png Med Portrait Painting Painting Decorate your home.
Med Square Painting Icon.png Med Square Painting HD Icon.png Med Square Painting Painting Decorate your home.
Metalwork Bench 1 Icon.png Metalwork Bench 1 HD Icon.png Metalwork Bench Crafting Surface Craft with metal.
Mixing Bench Icon.png Mixing Bench HD Icon.png Mixing Bench Crafting Surface Paint the walls.
North Pole Hat Of Warmth Icon.png North Pole Hat Of Warmth HD Icon.png North Pole Hat Of Warmth Clothing (Reward)
Oil Icon.png Oil HD Icon.png Oil Other Stronger light in lanterns.
Oil Lantern Icon.png Oil Lantern HD Icon.png Oil Lantern Light Source Brighter than torches.
Orange Icon.png Orange HD Icon.png Orange Food (Fruit)
Ownership Sign Icon.png Ownership Sign HD Icon.png Ownership Sign Other Protects nearby blocks.
Paint Icon.png Paint HD Icon.png Paint Other Splash some color around.
Paint Stripper Icon.png Paint Stripper HD Icon.png Paint Stripper Other Removes paint.
Passenger Car Icon.png Passenger Car HD Icon.png Passenger Car Rail Carries 2 blockheads.
Pig Iron Icon.png Pig Iron HD Icon.png Pig Iron Ingot More ingots for less ore!
Pine Cone Icon.png Pine Cone HD Icon.png Pine Cone Seed
Platinum Block Icon.png Platinum Block HD Icon.png Platinum Block Block (Crafting) For when gold's too cheap.
Platinum Coin Icon.png Platinum Coin HD Icon.png Platinum Coin Currency Worth 100 gold coins.
Platinum Column Icon.png Platinum Column HD Icon.png Platinum Column Column For grand designs.
Platinum Ingot Icon.png Platinum Ingot HD Icon.png Platinum Ingot Ingot Highly valuable.
Platinum Nugget Icon.png Platinum Nugget HD Icon.png Platinum Nugget Ore
Platinum Stairs Icon.png Platinum Stairs HD Icon.png Platinum Stairs Stairs An easier path.
Poison Icon.png Poison HD Icon.png Poison Other
Portal 1 Icon.png Portal 1 HD Icon.png Portal Crafting Surface Place a portal anywhere.
Portal Chest Icon.png Portal Chest HD Icon.png Portal Chest Container Store things across worlds.
Press 1 Icon.png Press 1 HD Icon.png Press Crafting Surface Press oil or pigments.
Prickly Pear Icon.png Prickly Pear HD Icon.png Prickly Pear Food (Fruit)
Rail Icon.png Rail HD Icon.png Rail Rail For trains.
Rail Handcar Icon.png Rail Handcar HD Icon.png Rail Handcar Rail Ride the rails.
Random Ore Icon.png Random Ore HD Icon.png Random Ore Ore Strike it lucky.
Dodo Meat Raw Icon.png Dodo Meat Raw HD Icon.png Raw Dodo Meat Food
Fish Meat Raw Icon.png Fish Meat Raw HD Icon.png Raw Fish Food
Raw Resin Icon.png Raw Resin HD Icon.png Raw Resin Other For epoxy & carbon fiber.
Red Bricks Icon.png Red Bricks HD Icon.png Red Bricks Block (Crafting) Can't blow this down.
Red Marble Icon.png Red Marble HD Icon.png Red Marble Block (Crafting)
Red Marble Column Icon.png Red Marble Column HD Icon.png Red Marble Column Column For grand designs.
Red Marble Stairs Icon.png Red Marble Stairs HD Icon.png Red Marble Stairs Stairs An easier path.
Red Ochre Icon.png Red Ochre HD Icon.png Red Ochre Pigment Paint the town red.
Refinery Icon.png Refinery HD Icon.png Refinery Crafting Surface Fuel & advanced materials.
Reinforced Platform Icon.png Reinforced Platform HD Icon.png Reinforced Platform Block (Construction) Build floating platforms.
Roasted Coffee Bean Icon.png Roasted Coffee Bean HD Icon.png Roasted Coffee Bean Other Brew for energy.
Ruby Icon.png Ruby HD Icon.png Ruby Gem
Ruby Chandelier Icon.png Ruby Chandelier HD Icon.png Ruby Chandelier Light Source Moody extravagance.
Pickaxe Ruby Icon.png Pickaxe Ruby HD Icon.png Ruby Pickaxe Tool Get 5x from mining!
Safe Icon.png Safe HD Icon.png Safe Container Safe from other players.
Sand Icon.png Sand HD Icon.png Sand Block (Crafting) Life's a beach.
Sandstone Icon.png Sandstone HD Icon.png Sandstone Block (Crafting)
Sandstone Column Icon.png Sandstone Column HD Icon.png Sandstone Column Column For grand designs.
Sandstone Stairs Icon.png Sandstone Stairs HD Icon.png Sandstone Stairs Stairs An easier path.
Sapphire Icon.png Sapphire HD Icon.png Sapphire Gem
Sapphire Chandelier Icon.png Sapphire Chandelier HD Icon.png Sapphire Chandelier Light Source A bright blue glow.
Pickaxe Sapphire Icon.png Pickaxe Sapphire HD Icon.png Sapphire Pickaxe Tool Get triple from mining!
Shark Bucket Icon.png Shark Bucket HD Icon.png Shark Bucket Other
Shark Jaw Icon.png Shark Jaw HD Icon.png Shark Jaw Other
Shelf Icon.png Shelf HD Icon.png Shelf Container Display things.
Shop Icon.png Shop HD Icon.png Shop Other Sell items in multiplayer.
Sign Icon.png Sign HD Icon.png Sign Other Home sweet home.
Silicon Crystal Icon.png Silicon Crystal HD Icon.png Silicon Crystal Electric Pure silicon.
Silicon Ingot Icon.png Silicon Ingot HD Icon.png Silicon Ingot Ingot Unrefined silicon.
Silicon Wafer Icon.png Silicon Wafer HD Icon.png Silicon Wafer Electric For advanced electronics.
Small Landscape Painting Icon.png Small Landscape Painting HD Icon.png Small Landscape Painting Painting Decorate your home.
Small Portrait Painting Icon.png Small Portrait Painting HD Icon.png Small Portrait Painting Painting Decorate your home.
Small Square Painting Icon.png Small Square Painting HD Icon.png Small Square Painting Painting Decorate your home.
Soft Bed Icon.png Soft Bed HD Icon.png Soft Bed Bed For a better night's sleep.
Solar Panel Icon.png Solar Panel HD Icon.png Solar Panel Electric Electricity from the sun.
South Pole Boots Of Speed Icon.png South Pole Boots Of Speed HD Icon.png South Pole Boots Of Speed Clothing (Reward)
Steam Engine Icon.png Steam Engine HD Icon.png Steam Engine Electric Enter the industrial age.
Steam Generator Icon.png Steam Generator HD Icon.png Steam Generator Electric Burns fuel for electricity.
Steam Locomotive Icon.png Steam Locomotive HD Icon.png Steam Locomotive Rail For long journeys.
Steel Block Icon.png Steel Block HD Icon.png Steel Block Block (Crafting) Stronger than iron.
Steel Column Icon.png Steel Column HD Icon.png Steel Column Column For grand designs.
Steel Downlight Icon.png Steel Downlight HD Icon.png Steel Downlight Light Source A directional spotlight.
Steel Ingot Icon.png Steel Ingot HD Icon.png Steel Ingot Ingot For a better pickaxe.
Steel Lantern Icon.png Steel Lantern HD Icon.png Steel Lantern Light Source Bright and waterproof.
Pickaxe Steel Icon.png Pickaxe Steel HD Icon.png Steel Pickaxe Tool Better than iron.
Steel Stairs Icon.png Steel Stairs HD Icon.png Steel Stairs Stairs An easier path.
Steel Uplight Icon.png Steel Uplight HD Icon.png Steel Uplight Light Source A directional spotlight.
Stick Icon.png Stick HD Icon.png Stick Other
Stone Icon.png Stone HD Icon.png Stone Block (Crafting)
Axe Stone Icon.png Axe Stone HD Icon.png Stone Axe Tool Chop faster than flint.
Stone Column Icon.png Stone Column HD Icon.png Stone Column Column For grand designs.
Pickaxe Stone Icon.png Pickaxe Stone HD Icon.png Stone Pickaxe Tool Mine faster than flint.
Spade Stone Icon.png Spade Stone HD Icon.png Stone Spade Tool Dig even faster.
Stone Stairs Icon.png Stone Stairs HD Icon.png Stone Stairs Stairs An easier path.
String Icon.png String HD Icon.png String Other How long?
Sunflower Seed Icon.png Sunflower Seed HD Icon.png Sunflower Seed Food (Seed)
Sunrise Hat Of Fullness Icon.png Sunrise Hat Of Fullness HD Icon.png Sunrise Hat Of Fullness Clothing (Reward)
Sunset Skirt Of Happiness Icon.png Sunset Skirt Of Happiness HD Icon.png Sunset Skirt Of Happiness Clothing (Reward)
Tailor's Bench 1 Icon.png Tailor's Bench 1 HD Icon.png Tailor's Bench Crafting Surface Craft clothing.
Teleport Here Icon.png Teleport Here HD Icon.png Teleport Here Other Warp to this portal now.
Time Crystal Icon.png Time Crystal HD Icon.png Time Crystal Other Purchase time crystals and save time.
Tin Armor Leggings Icon.png Tin Armor Leggings HD Icon.png Tin Armor Leggings Armor Armor for your legs.
Tin Block Icon.png Tin Block HD Icon.png Tin Block Block (Crafting) Factory finish.
Tin Boots Icon.png Tin Boots HD Icon.png Tin Boots Armor Keep your toes.
Tin Bucket Icon.png Tin Bucket HD Icon.png Tin Bucket Container Carry paint or water.
Tin Chest Plate Icon.png Tin Chest Plate HD Icon.png Tin Chest Plate Armor Tin man style.
Tin Column Icon.png Tin Column HD Icon.png Tin Column Column For grand designs.
Tin Foil Icon.png Tin Foil HD Icon.png Tin Foil Other Shiny!
Tin Foil Hat Icon.png Tin Foil Hat HD Icon.png Tin Foil Hat Clothing Guard against mind control.
Tin Helmet Icon.png Tin Helmet HD Icon.png Tin Helmet Armor Protects your noggin.
Tin Ingot Icon.png Tin Ingot HD Icon.png Tin Ingot Ingot Craft with tin.
Tin Ore Icon.png Tin Ore HD Icon.png Tin Ore Ore Tin delivered to your door.
Spade Tin Icon.png Spade Tin HD Icon.png Tin Spade Tool Clear dirt with one dig.
Tin Stairs Icon.png Tin Stairs HD Icon.png Tin Stairs Stairs An easier path.
Titanium Block Icon.png Titanium Block HD Icon.png Titanium Block Block (Crafting) Stronger than steel.
Titanium Boots Icon.png Titanium Boots HD Icon.png Titanium Boots Armor Light and strong.
Titanium Chest Plate Icon.png Titanium Chest Plate HD Icon.png Titanium Chest Plate Armor Light and strong.
Titanium Column Icon.png Titanium Column HD Icon.png Titanium Column Column For grand designs.
Titanium Helmet Icon.png Titanium Helmet HD Icon.png Titanium Helmet Armor Light and strong.
Titanium Ingot Icon.png Titanium Ingot HD Icon.png Titanium Ingot Ingot Light and strong.
Titanium Leggings Icon.png Titanium Leggings HD Icon.png Titanium Leggings Armor Light and strong.
Titanium Ore Icon.png Titanium Ore HD Icon.png Titanium Ore Ore
Pickaxe Titanium Icon.png Pickaxe Titanium HD Icon.png Titanium Pickaxe Tool Better than steel.
Titanium Stairs Icon.png Titanium Stairs HD Icon.png Titanium Stairs Stairs An easier path.
Sword Titanium Icon.png Sword Titanium HD Icon.png Titanium Sword Tool Very strong and sharp.
Tool Bench 1 Icon.png Tool Bench 1 HD Icon.png Tool Bench Crafting Surface Tools and weapons.
Trade Portal Icon.png Trade Portal HD Icon.png Trade Portal Other Trade with the universe.
Train Station Icon.png Train Station HD Icon.png Train Station Rail All aboard!
Train Wheel Icon.png Train Wheel HD Icon.png Train Wheel Rail For trains.
Train Yard Icon.png Train Yard HD Icon.png Train Yard Crafting Surface Build rail & trains.
Trapdoor Icon.png Trapdoor HD Icon.png Trapdoor Block (Construction) A door for the floor.
Tulip Bulb Icon.png Tulip Bulb HD Icon.png Tulip Bulb Seed
Tulip Seed Icon.png Tulip Seed HD Icon.png Tulip Seed Seed
Tyrian Purple Icon.png Tyrian Purple HD Icon.png Tyrian Purple Pigment The pigment of royalty.
Ultramarine Blue Icon.png Ultramarine Blue HD Icon.png Ultramarine Blue Pigment Ultra cool.
Vine Icon.png Vine HD Icon.png Vine Seed
Window Icon.png Window HD Icon.png Window Other Let the daylight in.
Wood Icon.png Wood HD Icon.png Wood Block (Crafting)
Wood Column Icon.png Wood Column HD Icon.png Wood Column Column For grand designs.
Wood Stairs Icon.png Wood Stairs HD Icon.png Wood Stairs Stairs An easier path.
Wooden Bed Icon.png Wooden Bed HD Icon.png Wooden Bed Bed Get some rest.
Wooden Door Icon.png Wooden Door HD Icon.png Wooden Door Block (Construction) Keep the animals out.
Woodwork Bench Icon.png Woodwork Bench HD Icon.png Woodwork Bench Crafting Surface Craft with wood.
Workbench 1 Icon.png Workbench 1 HD Icon.png Workbench Crafting Surface The gateway to crafting.
World Credit Icon.png World Credit HD Icon.png World Credit Other Add credit to this server.
Worm Icon.png Worm HD Icon.png Worm Food