Lime Tree

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Lime Tree

Lime trees are one of several fruit-bearing trees. Unlike the other trees, it cannot be found growing naturally in a world.

Where Found[edit]

A lime must be planted to grow the first lime tree in a world. They cannot be found naturally, but may spawn without being planted near existing lime trees.


Lime trees have brown/gray trunks and green leaves. Some trunk blocks will have leaves overlaying them, but they are still part of the trunk. There may be limes hanging upon the leaves.


Lime trees will bear limes from its leaves during late winter and spring. Limes, if in season, are harvested by hand and can be collected by passing through their space or when adjacent to the lime after it was tapped on. They do not require nor do they benefit from using any particular tools. Agriculturally, the fruit can be placed in a block of dirt or compost to grow an lime tree for farming additional limes or can be eaten to replenish a blockhead's health and hunger bars.

Sticks may be harvested from the tree's leaves. Using a machete will produce quicker results with a larger yield than by hand.

Wood may be also harvested from the tree's trunk. Doing so will despawn any leaves or trunk blocks on the same layer or above. For harvesting wood, using an axe will produce quicker results and a larger yield than by hand.

Planting a lime in dirt or compost will grow a lime tree. The tree will need to mature before it begins producing limes. They seem to grow best in warmer climates, and better when planted in compost.

Lime trees die similarly to other trees. They rarely produce sticks or wood as they despawn.