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An ore is a type of item that contains minerals of important elements that are excavated through mining. Most ores appear more commonly the deeper a blockhead mines with the exception of coal, which instead becomes rarer. A random ore can be crafted from gravel at the electric sluice.

Oil also has most of the attributes of an ore, but as it can also be obtained from crafting and cannot be obtained from the sluice, it is generally not considered one. Flint and clay can be considered analogs to ores, that are found in dirt instead of stone.

Types of Ore[edit]

Coal Icon.png Coal
Copper Ore Icon.png Copper Ore
Tin Ore Icon.png Tin Ore
Iron Ore Icon.png Iron Ore
Gold Nugget Icon.png Gold Nugget
Titanium Ore Icon.png Titanium Ore
Platinum Nugget Icon.png Platinum Nugget