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</nowiki>" at the top of the page. Put the a link to the server (IP/URL and port for Mac; Options/Links/Invite to World on cloud) and/or any other comments you'd like to make. Include how to join if whitelisted.

You may also include a list of admins and mods, and/or upload an image of your server at File:Server List (server name).png. Make sure to categorize it under Category:Server images by putting [[Category:Server images]] at the bottom of the page.

An admin will come later, and protect it to prevent vandalism and make other necessary changes. It will then be listed on the server list.

To request changes to the server page, please leave a message on the "Server talk:(server name)" or leave a message on an administrator's talk page.



Admins: Guy1, Guy2, Guy3
Mods: Guy4, Guy5-->
[[File:HD Textures Before.png|200px|thumb|Our awesome server example!]]

'''ExampleLand''' is an awesome whitelisted server with lots of [[fruit]]. We also have many players.
[[Category:Unlisted servers]]</noinclude>

How it would look[edit]

Our awesome server example!

ExampleLand is an awesome whitelisted server with lots of fruit. We also have many players.