Shark Jaw

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Shark Jaw
Shark Jaw

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Category Resource
Use Decoration
Stackable Yes (99)

Shark Jaws are decorative items that prove a blockhead's prowess or luck.


They are an open pair of jawbones with sharp teeth. The size of the jaw is dependent on the size of the originating shark. Larger shark jaws can overlap adjacent block spaces.

Where Found[edit]

Shark jaws can be found by killing sharks. Depending what size of the shark the blockhead kills, the size of the shark jaw will be slightly bigger than the head of that shark, mainly because the shark jaw is open and the shark mouth is closed.


There are currently no uses for it in construction, clothing or crafting, but only as a decoration. Shark jaws can be placed on back walls and on top of any solid block with no back wall.


When the player makes a blockhead place a shark jaw on a wall for the first time, the player earns the achievement "Jaws"


The appearance of the shark jaw is similar to the game cover picture called "Shark Jaws" by Atari Inc.