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A blockhead sleeping on the ground

Sleeping replenishes a blockhead's energy bar.

How to[edit]

To initiate sleep, a blockhead must be standing in place on solid ground or have access to a bed. Use of a bed can be added to a blockhead's task queue, but unassisted sleeping is an immediate action called from its character status window.

There are three types of beds: wooden, soft, and golden. Sleeping in any bed replenishes energy faster than sleeping on the ground.

When sleeping on the ground, it takes a little over half a full day (more than a night) to rest fully. When sleeping in a bed, it takes a little less than half a day. Sleeping in a soft bed takes about a little more than a quarter of a day. A golden bed can replenish a blockhead's energy the fastest, in about 5 seconds as long as all blockheads in that world are sleeping.


Sleeping, along with meditating, makes time pass twenty times faster when all blockheads are sleeping or meditating in that world.

A blockhead cannot sleep while riding a donkey or boat or while climbing or swimming. A sleeping blockhead cannot sleep on ground that is underwater unless water is placed after sleeping begins.

Starting in version 1.2, if a blockhead becomes exhausted, the blockhead will refuse to work and move very slowly. The game will display a message stating "<Blockhead's name> is moving slowly because he/she is exhausted." If the blockhead is on solid ground and continues to be exhausted, it will collapse from exhaustion and go to sleep. The blockhead can still be forcibly awakened, however.