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Sunflowers are vegetation plants that produce sunflower seeds.


Sunflowers are tall plants. At maturity, they stand about two blocks tall and have a long green stem with three alternating leaves. At the top of the stem, is a large yellow and brown flowering head.

A young sunflower appears as a short green stem with three alternating leaves.

Where Found[edit]

Sunflowers can be found in almost all warm regions which see plenty of sunlight, with the exception of deserts as they will not grow in sand.


Sunflowers are primarily used for the production and farming of sunflower seeds. Sunflower seeds can be planted in a block of dirt or compost to produce additional sunflowers and yielding more sunflower seeds. Harvesting of sunflower seeds is achieved by hand, or using a machete or spade (for best yield) on a mature sunflower. The upper (flower) half of a mature sunflower can be harvested separately from the lower half (stem). Leaving the upper half in place avoids the necessity of replanting.

When planted in a cold region, a sunflower will despawn when the ground is covered by a layer of snow.

A despawning sunflower will drop a seed. If mature when despawning, two will be dropped.