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Time Crystal
Time Crystal

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Tool Pickaxe
Stackable Yes (∞)

Time crystals are a special feature of The Blockheads that affect a blockhead without it having to act on them. While they can be acquired during play, they can also be obtained through an in-app purchase by the player.


There is a time crystal counter located in an upper corner of the game's screen (upper right on iPad and Android devices, upper left for iPhone and iPod touch). It reports how many time crystals are currently available, and will widen as needed to contain the digits of the count. Time crystals are saved on the device, and are shared between worlds. Time crystals cannot be transferred between devices unless the device is restored from an encrypted backup. Tapping the counter will open the primary portal's menu.

Time crystal blocks spawn as part of a new world. The only situation where a time crystal may appear as a loose object is when deposited as part of a meditation bonus. They cannot be carried in a blockhead's inventory slots.

Where Found[edit]

As an unharvested block in a game world, time crystals are a slightly glowing cube of blue and white that looks generally crystalline. It's found underground and usually within a cave. They're best harvested with a pickaxe (producing three crystals instead of one, all of which are affected if a gemstone pickaxe is used).

Time crystals can also be created while using a gold pickaxe or spade or generated as a bonus when meditating.


Time crystals are required for portal upgrades, using a portal to warp in additional blockheads or items, teleporting to a portal, creating a cloud server, and the one-time rush completions of crafting tasks or sleeping.

When used to speed up crafting (a "rush cost"), each crystal saves about 20 seconds. At an electric bench, it will instead save about 10 seconds. When speeding up regeneration from death, each saves only 6 seconds. When rushing sleeping, the time saved will depend on the bed and on whether or not time is being sped up or not. Version 1.6 halved the time to craft items; time crystals therefore save half of the previous amount of time when crafting.

It's not possible to spend a fraction of a time crystal. All costs are rounded up for any fractions.

In-App Purchase[edit]

Purchase menu

Additional time crystals can be purchased and exchanged for real cash at a portal or using the Pause Menu. The following is a list of the currently available time crystal packages for purchase:

Time Crystals
Name Qty Price
Age of Crystals 200 $0.99 (USD)
Epoch of Crystals 1200 $4.99 (USD)
Era of Crystals 3000 $9.99 (USD)
Eon of Crystals 10000 $24.99 (USD)
Get Free Crystals! Varies FREE OFFERS
Free menu

The Free Offers button presents another menu, displaying up to three options when available.

Free Offers
Name Qty
Like on Facebook 50
Share a Link 50
Watch a Video 20

The videos are ads for other applications, services, or devices offered through Vungle. There may be a queue of ads waiting, and the button will disappear when all available ads have been viewed, although more may appear later. Time crystals are awarded for each video viewed. Most videos are about 15-30 seconds long. Approximately four to nine videos may appear per day.


Time crystals are tied to the player/device combination, not to specific worlds. If a player changes from one world to another or even starts a new world on the same device, the total supply of time crystals stays available.

A new device should start with 40 time crystals.